A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Proc Bubble Maze

A procedurally generated puzzle game.

Long description:

This game use procedural techniques to generate mazes, visual assets colors and positions.

It's a simple game in which the objective is to control a bubble and try to find a goal in a randomized maze without dying.

This game was made for the Procedural Game Jam 2015. ( http://itch.io/jam/procjam)

Let me know if you enjoyed this game!

WebGL version outside itch.io:




- Fixed the building map generation process

- Fixed screen auto-adjustment

- Speed up the build map process

- Update to Unity 3.5.6

- Now this is an open-source project.

- Github repository: https://github.com/fontmas/procbubblemaze


- Particles effect added.

- New icons executables files.

- Removed the WeGL player to specific from itch.io website because some android's web browser crash when try to read directly the WebGL game.

- The crazy lights in night scene has a Unity 5.3.1f1 bug-feature. ;-)


- New type of game mode: Night mode!

- Changed the bubble's curmple effect from a C# script to a shader. The crumple effect is much faster now.

- Update to Unity 5.3.1f1

- The WebGL version is musch faster now.

NOTE: If the linux version doesn't work try to download the Windows version and run it direct with WINE.


- Ajustments in the generation algorithm concerning the difficulty level.

- Add Preview Map size button.

- Add Version number in the menu.


- Add Difficulty level slide bar

Install instructions


1. Choose the apropriated download for your system.

2. Unzip the file downloded.

3. Run the game!


ProcBubbleMaze-Linux-V1.3.2.zip 36 MB
ProcBubbleMaze-Mac-V1.3.2.zip 36 MB
ProcBubbleMaze-Windows-V1.3.2.zip 107 MB


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I liked the graphics and the game is fun! I included it in my ProcJam compilation video series, if you'd like to check it out :)

Hi Jupiter_Hadley,

I'm happy that you liked the game!

Good job in reviewing the Procedural Generation Jam 2015.